Let your footsteps lead you to where your senses are aroused. A buffet is expended as a feast for the eyes and mouth is brilliantly exhibited at morning, noon and evening. It’s where a meal manifests all of its gastronomic dimensions.

There is Moroccan-spirited décor throughout, architectural detailing that inhabits and offers up attention to the locale. Take a seat under the glass roofs or in the shade, while on the terrace of The Andalusian Gardens. Being of divine magnitude, the room is all the more well-situated as its friezes and zelliges in stone lace, surround the extremities of the ceilings. If walls had eyes, one would have every reason to peruse the dishes due to such spectacular displays. The cuisine is light, yet more sophisticated according to your preferences, and you can enjoy traditional or European-inspired dishes. A royal welcome to a majestic table …

Imperial, the restaurant is well-deserving of its name.


Type of restaurant

International (buffets and menus)

Type of meal

Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast hours

From 7:00am until 10:30am


180 seats including terrace

a shared heritage

Rabat, modern capital and historic city

Located on the Atlantic seaboard, in the northwest of Morocco, Rabat is the result of a fruitful dialogue between the Arab-Muslim past and Western modernism. The site includes the "new town", designed and built under the French Protectorate from 1912 to the 1930s, including the royal residence, colonial administrations, residential and commercial complexes. We also find old parts of the city which sometimes date back to the 12th century. The “new city” represents one of the largest and most ambitious urban projects of the 10th century in Africa, probably the most complete.