The Consul Hall allows you to organize your business meeting or seminar in our hotel. You will find the ideal place for your formal meetings, with a bright and comfortable room, fully-furnished with robust equipment for the smooth hosting of your event whatever it may be.



Ground floor

Area size



12.3m x 3.8m

Ceiling height


a shared heritage

Rabat, modern capital and historic city

Located on the Atlantic seaboard, in the northwest of Morocco, Rabat is the result of a fruitful dialogue between the Arab-Muslim past and Western modernism. The site includes the "new town", designed and built under the French Protectorate from 1912 to the 1930s, including the royal residence, colonial administrations, residential and commercial complexes. We also find old parts of the city which sometimes date back to the 12th century. The “new city” represents one of the largest and most ambitious urban projects of the 10th century in Africa, probably the most complete.